Michaela Wright

Michaela Wright

Private Patient Advocate

Michaela Wright is passionate about helping people. The most joy she gets in life is from being able to help people during a time of need. Ever since her sister was hospitalized with Covid 19 in August 2020, Michaela has made it her mission to help as many people as she can by advocating for their loved ones while they are in the hospital. Seeing first hand what is happening in hospitals made Michaela righteously angry that patients are being denied access to medications that appear to be working. When Michaela’s sister was admitted for covid and crashing quickly, moments away from going on a ventilator, the hospital did not want to budge on their protocols or policies for covid. By entering this battle with the hospital, armed with resources she put together herself, her sister received the medications that she deserved and immediately improved, recovered, and discharged home to be with her family. Following this experience, Michaela struggled with heartbreak and grief from all of those she knows won’t make it. Since that time, Michaela has been successfully helping families make sure their loved ones live by using and honing the same tactics she used for her own family member.

Michaela ran her own business for the last 25 years until recently retiring so that she could fulfill her passion to advocate for patients and their families. She was an ombudsman who used creative ideas and mediation with Mayors, city council members, County Board of Supervisors and heads of departments in order to get issues resolved. Michaela has decided to turn all of her attention to helping patients get back home to their families.


  • Patient Advocacy
  • Healthcare Policy and Government